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NikeLab x Virgil Abloh Re-Creation Center

In June 2019, Nike Chicago created the NikeLab x Virgil Abloh ‘Re-Creation Center’, a temporary space next to Nike Michigan Ave. that acted not only as a retail space but as a creative workshop and classroom. In partnership with Nike and Abloh, Chuck was chosen as one of five mentors to run workshops in the space for a group of students as well as the public. In addition to these student and public workshops, Chuck also ran private workshops for Nike employees and conducted live interviews in the space with both Abloh and ALYX’s Matt Williams.

The workshop designed by Chuck was inspired by his experience working with magazines — a story of rapid deadlines and improvisation. He created several simple magazine spreads with a simple headline on one side, leaving ample room for artwork on the other. Attendees were asked to explore old magazines and newspapers for material, collage, and creation. Class ages ranged from 7 to 62 years old.

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